Cēsis’ presents visual identity for European Capital of Culture 2027 application

Cēsis is on track to becoming European Capital of Culture 2027 (ECoC) and on November 26, 2020, Education, Culture and Sports Committee of Cēsis County Council approved the winner of the open visual identity competition. In total, the jury received 61 applications that were evaluated by 10 experts from different fields. 

The open visual identity competition for the event “Cēsis – European Capital of Culture 2027” announced in the middle of October. At the same time, Cēsis announced its creative concept for the program application would be “star”. The jury chose and the council committee approved Jānis Bremmers as the winner of the contest. His work will be used as the base for Cēsis’ visual communication on its way to earning the status of European Capital of Culture.

“The large number of applications and their high quality did not make the jury’s work easy, therefore I am grateful to the jury for the effort and time they invested to arrive at the winner! And, of course, I am most thankful to the participants whose bright sketches shone together in a constellation of uniquely creative ideas! The popularity of this contest once again confirms how important and necessary the course we have taken is. It provides strength and inspiration to achieve great things! We can and will once again prove to ourselves, that Cēsis, its people and events are stars,” emphasizes Head of Administration of Cēsis Municipality and the head of the ECoC work group Atis Egliņš-Eglītis.

The jury consisted of professionals from different fields:

Professor at Latvian Art Academy Barbara Ābele;

Journalist, director and film producer Gints Grūbe; 

Acting Headmaster of Cēsis City Art School, member of the board of co-working space SKOLA6 Jānis Ķīnasts;

Director of “Daile” Theatre, member of Cēsis County Council Juris Žagars;

Head of the Faculty of Design, Associate Professor at Latvian Art Academy, Maija Rozenfelde;

Sculptor Matiass Jansons;

Artist Ritums Ivanovs;

Senior Communication Specialist at Cēsis Municipality Aleksandrs Abramovs;

Head of Cēsis Culture and Tourism Centre Andra Magone;

Head of Administration of Cēsis Municipality group Atis Egliņš-Eglītis

Jānis Bremmers comments on his winning work: “The logo is created in a way that makes its message easy to understand for everyone – people of Cēsis, guests and foreigners alike. It makes it clear 2027 is not only a number and the stars that will shine in Cēsis that year. The logo is ascetic and keeps to the existing, well-established visual identity of Cēsis. I was inspired by the star, its beams and radiance. The numbers and beams are the same size and weight to shape the logo into a meaningful and powerful symbol. The beams in the logo are not the same length but that creates the effect of radiance and glow. The base colour of this visual identity if Cēsis blue, but it can be easily adapted and adjusted with other colours that might be associated with specific events and directions. The visual identity also provides endless possibilities for various needs, e.g, home page, urban environment, poster, magazines etc.”

In 2027, the title of European Capital of Culture will be awarded to one city in Latvia and one city in Portugal. This is the second time Cesis is competing for the title, after running against Riga which received the title in 2014.